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Alexx helps you make more money with your money. It’s that simple. He understands what it takes to find the right investment, and capitalize on it. He’s been there; bought, sold, renovated, updated, and rented out. Alexx’s investment process identifies your investment style and goals, and analyzes properties on a myriad of criteria to identify the best opportunities that maximize your return on investment.

Helpful Investment Posts

Protecting your credit report

Sep 25, 2014
  Anytime you apply for a mortgage, whether it be when you’re buying a home, or re-financing your ...
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What to do with your Tax Refund?

May 09, 2014
Here are some strategies for using your income tax refund wisely and improve your financial well-being … every ...
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Financial Advice: Remember the Golden Rule

Apr 03, 2014
The Golden Rule: Don’t spend more than you earn!!!! Here are my 5 tips for better budgeting: 1. ...
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