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Maintain your home: that is Alexx’s advice for the easiest and best way to improve your home’s value. While you may not be selling today, it’s easier if you take care of your most valued asset regularly than to have a huge list when it’s time to move. With a vast pool of resources and trades, Alexx will not only help you maintain your home throughout the years, but also help with improvements that will maximize your enjoyment and investment.

Helpful Home Maintenance Posts

Changing Your Furnace Filter

Feb 26, 2015
I’m a huge believer that maintaining your home is the best way for you to enjoy it, and ...
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Where are my recycling bins?!?

Sep 23, 2013
Where are my bins?!? So, you just moved into your new house, and no sign of blue bins, green bin, or any other colour bin. It happens, sellers often take them along. What to do? Call 311. That’s the quick ...
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Take Control of your Mortgage

Sep 20, 2013
Take Control of your Mortgage The biggest responsibility we take on as new homeowners is debt re-payment. That ...
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Secondary Suites An Affordable Alternative f...

Jan 26, 2013
A “secondary suite” is a self-contained dwelling that is located in, or adjacent to, a house, and which is separate from the principal dwelling. A secondary suite must have its own kitchen and bathroom, as well as a separate entrance. ...
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Telltale Signs That Make a Home a Good ̵...

Oct 18, 2012
If you’re looking for the perfect house in a good neighbourhood at a great price, you may have to compromise to get what you want. Following are some things to consider: Décor: You may cringe at the ’60s shag rugs, ...
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